If you are planning to participate in the parade, here is some important information that you should know for the day of the event:

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You should plan to arrive at 7:30am the morning of the parade, on July 4th. The parade will launch around 9am and the order will generally be first in first out. Keep in mind that roads near the staging area and along the parade route will have limited access. The earlier the better.


Rain Date: Saturday July 7th. Check for rain date details.


Parade Route: The parade begins at the West Berlin fire house on Haddon Ave and continues through downtown Berlin Boro to the park via White Horse Pike through W. Broad Ave.  


Where to arrive if you're in the parade:

  • Walkers: If you are walking in the parade head to the West Berlin firefall on Haddon Ave and look for a ICCA volunteer in a white polo shirt.

  • Bikes: Gather on Bate Ave. (see map below)

  • Antique Cars: Line up on First Ave. ENTERING FROM GRANT AVE and facing the direction of Clarence Ave. (see map below)

  • Jeeps: Line up on Haddon Ave. on the opposite side of the West Berlin Fire House.

  • Floats: If you are driving a float in the parade line up Clarence Ave ENTERING FROM VETERANS AVE. (see map below)



If you are planning to hand out items such as candy or pamphlets to the parade goers you are not permitted to throw any items from moving vehicles. It may be gently tossed towards the curb line or handed out directly to individuals. At no time are you permitted to throw anything directly at a person or into a crowd of people.


Volunteers: We can use your support if you or anyone you know can help out the morning of, or during the parade please attend the volunteer meeting Tuesday July 3rd at 7pm at the West Berlin Firehouse on Haddon Ave. We need volunteers to help fill parade balloons (at the W,Berlin Firehouse), hand out adbooks (along the route) , and help keep the parade moving along the route (which you can do right from your parade viewing area).



Before the parade: Call or email Bill Adair @ 609 790 1078 or

Day of the parade: Find a ICCA volunteer the morning of, we will be wearing a white polo shirt.